Matcha Green Tea Benefits

Written by guest blogger Maximus and posted by the editor, Maximus wanted to highlight some Matcha Green Tea Benefits.

Organic Matcha Green Tea Benefits for your Health

The origins of Organic Matcha Green tea are being traced to centuries-old Japanese culture. It is being considered in many circles to be one of the best quality powdered green teas that can be found today. Organic Matcha Green Tea is prepared from young and nutrient-rich leaves that are picked from Camelia Sinensis plant. Importantly, these leaves are grown in shade to ensure the highest quality of the end product. The picked leaves are then kept from oxygen and light and this preserves the green color and antioxidants in the leaves.

Organic Matcha Green Tea is known for its numerous health advantages, and below are some of the established health benefits.

Rich in Antioxidants

Organic Matcha Green Tea is rich in antioxidants. Antioxidants serve an important role in developing protections by the body against harmful ultra-violet (UV) radiation, development of smooth and healthy skin and prevention of a number of diseases, some of them life-threatening. It has been established that a single bowl of organic Matcha Green Tea contains about five times more oxidants than would be found in most fruits and vegetables.

Improvement of Calmness

For well over a thousand years the Japanese have believed that Matcha Green Tea could provide relaxation during meditation –  while at the same time allowing one to remain alert.  Recently advancement in science has provided credibility to this belief.  Organic Matcha Green tea is known to contain the L-Theanine amino acid that promotes an improved level of consciousness. The amino acid is also known to trigger production of dopamine that improves memory and enhances concentration.

Weight Loss

Taking Organic Matcha Green Tea increases the metabolism of the body and facilitates the burning of body fat. This improved metabolism is a result of drinking this tea.  It has been established to be about 4x above average with no adverse effects like hypertension or increased heart rate.


The art of growing Camellia sinensis demands that it is deprived of sunlight for about three weeks before harvesting.   As a result, the leaves of the plant have a high chlorophyll content at harvest, giving the tea its vibrant green color.  It also makes it an amazingly powerful in detoxifying the body.

Immune Boost

Also, organic Matcha Green Tea has antibiotic properties that promote immunity in the human body. Additionally, the tea contains quite high levels of Potassium, Iron, proteins as well as vitamins. Recent studies have shown that Organic Matcha Green Tea contains nutrients that prevent attacks of HIV virus on human cells.

Cholesterol Control

While not conclusively proven, it is believed by nutritionists that one of the Organic Matcha Green Tea Benefits is that it lowers the level of bad cholesterol while increasing the level of good cholesterol. People who take Matcha Green tea regularly have been observed to be less likely to suffer heart disease.

Great Flavor

As a result, unlike other teas, organic Matcha Green Tea benefits from a wonderful taste and does not require accompaniments such as milk, sugar or honey. The tea is not only crisp and delicious but also has a distinctive taste that many actively believe will cause relaxation.  Consequently, Organic Matcha Green tea has plenty of healthy benefits. Individuals who care about their health would be taking a step in the right direction by making a habit of drinking organic Matcha Green Tea.

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