Banana Matcha Green Tea Smoothie Recipe, Banana!

There are many ways to enjoy matcha and one of my favorites is in a delicious Banana Matcha Green Tea smoothie.  It’s simple to prepare and difficult to only drink one!

You will need some Great Matcha (Like this for example)

to start off with, the matcha will not be prepared in the usual manner (see our article on Preparing the perfect cup of Matcha! so see how that’s done)  here is what you will need to make this treat:

  • One Teaspoon of matcha green tea powder (That’s about 5ml)Organic Matcha World
  • One ripe Banana (depending on your blender you will want to cut it up into nice sized bits)
  • Two tablespoons of boiling hot water (around 30ml)
  • Half Cup plain Green yogurt (125ml)
  • Half cup of milk (skim, 1% 2% whatever you like)

Now how to make it:

  1. In a small bowl dissolve the matcha powder in the water.
  2. Mix all your ingredients in your blender on puree until smooth.
  3. Drink it skippy!  Do it now!


Enjoy your Banana Matcha Green Tea Smoothie!




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